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Uncharted Captivity

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Curt Caruthers, a no-nonsense Counterterrorism Operative, is wrapping up a successful operation, saving hundreds of innocents from a bombing. As he leaves the area, something doesn’t seem quite right. Sensing something out of place, he moves closer to a partially open door in a darkened office building. A small trail of blood leads him into the darkness. What he finds there pushes him to a place he doesn’t want to be.

As Ava Gray is leaving the Annual Donor’s Gala in D.C., she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time-just her luck. Swarmed by a group of men in masks, she is dragged into the middle of a terror plot. Lacking practical skills and the confidence to use them, her only hope is the gruff Agent who happened to hear her cries. After being captured and hauled to the middle of a South American jungle, they would have to rely on one another to stop the devastation and get out alive.

Uncharted Captivity is Currently Available on Amazon and coming to additional retailers soon.

Once Captured

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Counterterrorism Operative, Lorelei Owens, is hot on the trail of the Russian thug who held her captive two years ago. The two weeks the bastard held her in his dungeon still haunts her to this day. She now finds herself forced to reenter the lion’s den in an effort to put him out of business for good.

With new intel that Dimitri Rostova has reemerged and is planning a major attack, Agent Nate Akins finds himself compelled, by necessity, to work with a woman who doesn’t trust him, to take down a madman. This woman, Lorelei Owens, is nothing like his vision of what a woman should be. She is tough as nails, willing to go as far as she has to go to get the job done.

Unexpected intelligence of who is truly behind the plot changes their course and takes both of them through twists and turns in an effort to save countless civilian lives… and maybe save each other

Once Captured is Currently Available in the Following Places:

Amazon – Paperback and Kindle versions available

Barnes & Noble – Paperback and eBook

Google Books – eBook

Once Captured is the first book in the ‘Captive’ Series, which details the lives and loves of an organization of Counterterrorism Operatives, hell-bent on saving the world from itself. Each book in the series promises non-stop action and high-stakes love. Don’t miss the next in the series, Uncharted Captivity.

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