uncharted captivity

Amy Stewart Bell, Author – Hot New Release

Amy Stewart Bell, Author – New Release – Hot & Steamy

New Release – Don’t Miss This Series!

The 2nd release in the ‘Captive’ Series is now available! ‘Uncharted Captivity,’ New Release, follows ‘Once Captured’ in an action-filled, hot, and steamy Romantic Suspense novel.

new release, uncharted captivity

His Sixth Sense Leads Him in a Direction that will Change his Life Forever.

Curt Caruthers, a no-nonsense Counterterrorism Operative, is wrapping up a successful operation, saving hundreds of innocents from a bombing. As he leaves the area, something doesn’t seem quite right.

Sensing something out of place, he moves closer to a partially open door in a darkened office building. A small trail of blood leads him into the darkness. What he finds there pushes him to a place he doesn’t want to be.

An Unlikely Alliance of Fear and Desire will be their Ultimate Lifeline

As Ava Gray is leaving the Annual Donor’s Gala in D.C., she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time-just her luck. Swarmed by a group of men in masks, she is dragged into the middle of a terror plot.

Lacking practical skills and the confidence to use them, her only hope is the gruff Agent who happened to hear her cries. After being captured and hauled to the middle of a South American jungle, they would have to rely on one another to stop the devastation and get out alive.

Don’t miss this new release from Amy Stewart Bell, and be sure to grab ‘Once Captured’ too!

Additional Areas of Concentration

Along with writing books, Amy Stewart Bell is excited to begin ‘Under the Covers‘. You are invited to join her there and join the conversation and community as well.

Amy also writes, blogs, and vlogs regularly for Two Oaks Farmstead, Two Oaks Farm Talk, A Life on the Farm, and Farm Raised Family. She also hosts a podcast at Farm Life and Freedom.

uncharted captivity
uncharted captivity
amy stewart bell, romantic suspense

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